The owner of the Nottingham Forest contemplated sacking Cooper + Board team.

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Nottingham Forest owner Evangelos Marinakis is considering sacking Steve Cooper as manager. To be part of a major overhaul for a chance to survive in the Premier League

It could be a big shock to the team with Dan Murphy. Its executive and head of recruiting in danger as well. Because the club is considering a new restructuring.

It seems that Cooper and Forest’s time is running out. After the 0-4 defeat to Leicester on Monday night Which is the 5th match in a row

However, the Daily Mail understands after spending £150m on 22 new players this summer. other personnel. The club’s players could also be sacked this week UFABET

Senior executives such as Murphy, head of recruiting George Sirinos and scout Andy Scott were all on the brink of neglect. Because the team owner has checked the situation and try to find a way to correct their mistakes.

Everyone faces an uncertain future as Marinakis searches for answers in his attempt to ensure Nottingham Forest return to top-flight isn’t just a year away.

However, the “wild” team started this season with a poor performance. Despite adding up to  22 people on the past summer. Currently sinking plum on the scoreboard And found only one victory from the 8 games played on the field