History of playing online poker.

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It is still debated whether poker originated or how it came to be. It has various stories. Many say that this type of game has a style and way of playing that has been around for a long time. In the Persian era, there was a method of playing a similar card game. With poker being “As-Nas” as well as various nations. In the latter era that is played similar to this poker card. Such as:

          – Poke (France)
          – Primero (Spain)
          – Poka (Ireland)
          – Bragg (United Kingdom)
           – Brelan (France in the latter part)

          The preliminary playing style will be different. For example, As-Nas uses only 20 cards to bet. And there are only 5 rank cards in sequence, namely 1. Us ​​(Ace) 2. Shah (King) 3. Bibee (Queen) 4. Serbaz (Soldier) 5. Couli (Dancer) will be noticed. that the Persian card order was derived from the social status of that era itself UFABET 

As-Nas card format

          By the 1600s, poker (which was not called poker in those days) had a way of playing poker. Widespread by both small and large gambling across the European continent. Before between the 1700s and the 1800s, this card game crossed the seas to American soil.

It is said that poker games originated from gamblers who migrated from European nations to settle and start a new life in the United States. Before it became more widespread through the water trading system. In which gamblers use this type of game to play and wager while living on a boat in the Mississippi River. and nearby

          It can be said that in that era.

Houses, casinos, shops, and merchant ships in the Mississippi River area would see gamblers playing poker card games all over the place. At that time, the style of playing was still using 20 cards, some rules not having to draw more cards. To measure the best cards on the gambler’s hand.

Before card poker, there was a very branched playing style. And the style of play that was popular in that era must be given to playing the stud. (Before the latter era, gamblers preferred to play Texas Hold’em and Omaha more). With more than 200 years of stud playing.

          Then around 1925, Texas Hold’em style was born. Of course it must be from Texas. It is a small town outside Corpus Christi called Robstown. This style of play was invented and it took a short time to spread throughout the state of Texas into play. Texas poker card game immediately popular.