Ancelotti insists winning trophies is not about luck.

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Carlo Ancelotti insists Real Madrid’s success comes from the quality of the team, regardless of luck. Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti insists Los Blancos’ success has nothing to do with luck. He emphasized that those who said it wanted to hide their football team’s problems. And overlook the quality of their competitors. As reported by Marca on Tuesday. 

‘La Liga is very important. But the Champions League is the most important competition in football.’ said Ancelotti. ‘Winning means a lot. They are two different races. One show had 38 games, unlike the other which had much less.’ UFABET.

‘Sometimes it’s the little details. But it’s not luck or bad luck, talking about it hides the problems you have and the quality of your opponents.’

Ancelotti also avoided criticizing Karim Benzema after the French forward, who recovered from injury and missed a penalty in Sunday’s 1-1 draw with Osasuna, faltered. First game of the season 

‘When Karim can’t play at his best. There may be many opinions. it can happen It’s pretty normal in football. But it doesn’t affect us,’ said the Italian coach.

Ancelotti has confirmed hip-injured Thibaut Courtois will miss out on Shakhtar Donetsk, while Daniel Ceballos has a thigh problem. But Luka Modric has recovered from injury and is available again.